Leadership Team

Sally-Ann Polson

Sally-Ann Polson
President and CEO

Valerie Limpus

Valerie Limpus, MSHSA
Chief Operations and Technology Officer

Amy M. Tennis

Amy M. Tennis, RN, MBA, CCM
Senior Vice President of Medical Management

Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller
Vice President of Concierge and Ancillary Services

Tim Guzinski

Tim Guzinski
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Caryn Rasnick

Caryn Rasnick, CEBS, CSFS
Vice President of Client Success

Karen Clark

Karen Clark, RN
Senior Vice President

Cynthia Hom

Cynthia Hom, RN
Senior Vice President of Business Development

David M. Winters

David M. Winters
Vice President of Sales

Veronica E. Cantrell

Veronica E. Cantrell, RN, MMA
Director of Utilization Management

Kim Rutherford

Kim Rutherford, RN
Director of Population Health Management and Group Case Management

Sandra Mollette

Sandra Mollette, RN, BA, CCM
Director of Acute Case Management

Yvonne Lavan

Yvonne Lavan, RN, CCM
Director of Case Management Specialty Programs

Michelle Keen

Michelle Keen
Director of Medical Intake

Patty Brown

Patty Brown
Director of Accounting and Human Resources

Kimberly Kline

Kimberly Kline
Director of Strategic Alliances

Karen Klemm

Karen Klemm, RN, BSN, MHA, ACM
Director of Quality Management and Training

Rebecca Bethard

Rebecca Bethard, JD, CHPC
General Counsel And Privacy Compliance Officer

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