Wellness and Disease Management

Disease Management

Reflecting MedWatch's commitment to increase disease education, improve patient health and healthful lifestyles, reduce plan costs and increase worker productivity.

Our programs and services enable us to support 100% of the population in all stages of health which includes: data analysis and stratification to identify those at-risk for or with diseases, biometric testing options both onsite and offsite, education, support, and guidance by their personal Total Lifestyle Coach (TLC). We work with participants to help them learn how to proactively manage their conditions and reduce health care expenses

Biometric Testing Solutions

MedWatch’s Living Healthy program brings biometric testing directly to your client’s worksite enabling companies to affordably and effectively implement preventative health solutions that can reduce overall plan costs. Living Healthy events include a customizable biometric test to meet the needs of your workforce and job site.

Health Risk Assessments

Proprietary Health Risk Assessment used in conjunction with biometric testing or standalone- provides a picture of member health.

Disease Management

70% of disease is preventable but once an individual has crossed over to a chronic disease 70% of the events that occur due to that disease are preventable. MedWatch’s Total Lifestyle Coaches work individually with members to encourage compliance with their care standard as well as positive lifestyle changes.

Employee Assistance Program

MedWatch’s Employee Assistance Program provides employers with an organization approach to working constructively with employees who experience personal and work-related problems that impact their productivity and well-being. The program also helps companies reduce direct and indirect costs through an innovative and highly-structured clinical assessment and management model that leverages the significance of behavioral health as either a primary or comorbid health condition.

Complex Condition Management

Between 5 and 10% of your group health plan costs are typically spent on the 1.1% of your population who may have 1 of 18 identified rare conditions such as MS, Epilepsy, Crohn’s Disease, and Scleroderma. Complex and rare conditions require extra attention to be effective, ensure quality of life and care, and keep costs under control.

Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Cessation is vital to overall health. With our Tobacco Cessation Program, members with work one on one with a Coach to develop a personalized plan that focuses on benefits of quitting, assessment of readiness to change, triggers for tobacco use and tools needed to quit.

Diabetic Living Connected

8-10% of your client’s population is diabetic. These patients are responsible for claims costs 4-5 times higher than the rest of their population combined. Our solution is the most robust in the industry as we identify 24/7/365 when a member needs immediate assistance and/or counseling. We collect and interpret blood glucose readings within minutes of a member’s test; if their blood sugars are dangerously high or low, or trend poorly, we triage and assist them in bringing them back into the normal range. These near-real-time interactions at teachable moments significantly improves member’s results while reducing the likelihood of ER visits and hospitalizations, no less the impact on your member’s health.

Kidney Care

1 in 9 adults has Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) which damages kidneys and increases the risk of heart disease, blood vessel, bone and nerve damage. CKD is caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders. If left unchecked, it leads to kidney failure, dialysis and potential kidney transplantation. Early identification and active participation in our Kidney Care Program helps to slow or prevent the advancement of, and can even reverse, kidney disease. Using claims analysis, biometric programs and in & outpatient reviews to identify program candidates, our specialized Case Managers work to alter lifestyle habits with the goal of avoiding dialysis and/or avoiding transplants through education and coaching while monitoring compliance and treatment regimens.

Dialysis Claims Repricing Service

When dialysis is the only option, MedWatch can reduce costs by 60% to 85% of billed charges through our fully defensible repricing and cost containment service. With recommended plan language in place, a line-by-line medical claim review is performed identifying inappropriate charges. This fiscal expertise supports the plan and the patient. A fully defensible repriced claim is returned to the TPA for adjudication. Our unique flat-fee per-participant per-month generates exceptional savings over the industry standard of a % of savings.

Baby & Me Maternity Program

MedWatch’s comprehensive Maternity Management program monitors and supports the expectant mother throughout her pregnancy. Specialized Maternity Case Managers engage the mother-to-be, complete a risk assessment and devise an individual care plan that includes physician interaction, patient monitoring, appointment tracking, educational materials and support resources to help at every step along the way, including post-delivery support. Program includes gift basket upon delivery.

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