24/7 Physician Telemedicine

MedWatch 24/7 Physician Telemedicine program is a nationwide network of medical physicians, MDs, who provide medical advice, diagnosis and treatments in one-on-one phone consultations. One PEPM fee with no additional fees per call. Features of the program include:

  • Licensed Registered Nurses collect medical information and triage the case to the appropriate MD
  • Online account activation to provide medical history in advance
  • Advice for non-emergency medical issues by phone, video and texting
  • Prescriptions provided when appropriate for non-DEA controlled drugs
  • Spanish and other language capabilities as needed
  • Specialists available
  • Electronic Medical Record created on each patient that can be sent to an ER or another provider if requested

24/7 Nurse Line

MedWatch 24/7 Nurse lines provides easy access to medical information and treatment recommendations utilizing physician based pediatric and adult clinical guidelines which will help to reduce unnecessary ER visits, hospital stays and other health care expenses.

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